St Valentine's Day Specials


These Special Items are available through February 18th

Delivery before Valentines Day, February 14, is now LIMITED. Please contact us for availability before ordering.

After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over flavor selections and details and availability before the order is completed via email.

Please do not hesitate to email if you have any questions.

9” Heart (or round) Cakes

Coconut Cake with crushed pineapple $55
Strawberry Shortcake $55 (Pictured)
Chocolate Truffle $60

Cup of Mini-Macaroons

Cup of Mini-Macaroons– 1.5 inch Vanilla and Chocolate Macaroons 18 Mini Macs $ 25

Cup of Kisses

Cup of Kisses– 1 Inch Meringue Kisses available $12 for 2 dozen

Cup of Mini Heart Sugar cookies

Coffee Cup of Mini Heart Sugar cookies – 2 doz/ $18

Assorted Valentine’s Cut-Out Cookies

Assorted Valentine’s Cut-Out Cookies $36/doz

Cupcake for 2

Cupcake for 2– topped with a Buttercream Bouquet-
Strawberry Shortcake - $25
Coconut Cake - $25
Chocolate Truffle Cake - $30

Valentine Cupcakes

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate or Red Velvet 4pk for $14, 6pk for $18, or $36/dozen

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Dark Chocolate dip - $25/doz
Milk Chocolate dip - $25/doz
White Chocolate dip - $25/doz
Double dipped Dark and White Chocolate - $28/doz
Triple Dipped - $30/doz

8" Heart Cream Tart

Layers of Vanilla or Chocolate cookie filled with Vanilla, Chocolate or Raspberry Mousse -- Decorated with Fresh Flowers, Fruit, and Mini Macarons -- $55 each

We're making mugs explode...with flavor! -- Hot Cocoa Bombs!

Hot Cocoa Bombs are here!

Wait.. what are they?

Hot chocolate bombs or hot cocoa bombs are cute little chocolate shapes that you put into a mug. When you pour hot milk into the mug overtop, the chocolate shell melts and magically releases the marshmallows and cocoa mix, and other goodies, hiding inside.

Geometric Hearts $4 each
Large Hearts $5.50 each
Kids Size Bombs $3 each
Large Bombs $5.50 each
Rose Tea Cup Package includes 3 Geometric Heart Cocoa Bombs and extra Marshmallows
$25 each
(Teacup pictured above with Geometric Heart Cocoa Bomb and some extra marshmallows)