Frequently Asked Questions!

Q:  How far in advance do I need to place my order?

A:  It is never to early to get on the schedule!  I ask for at least 2 weeks notice but we have been known to take specialty cakes orders 2 days before an event (these orders may incur a rush fee).  We will take a chef's choice order within 2 days of an event!


Q:  What is a chef's choice order?

A: A chef's choice order is one where the client picks the cake flavor and filling and the decor is left up to me (appropriate decor will be chosen based on gender and recipients interests)


Q: What type of Buttercream do you use?

A: All cakes and cupcakes, unless otherwise requested, are iced in our Swiss Meringue Vanilla Bean Buttercream.  Made with Butter and Meringue (egg whites and sugar).  It is a rich buttercream that is not overly sweet like American Buttercream.  Nor does if leave a film in your mouth like Grocery store mass produced icings.


Q: What other Buttercreams do you offer?

A:  We do offer an American style Buttercream made with butter and confectioners sugar and milk as well as a vegan option made with a mix of vegetable shortening and Earth Balance non-dairy spread and confectioners sugar. 


Q:  Can we drop in over the Weekend for a Tasting?

A:  No.  Cakes by Megan is a by appointment only cake business. Saturday and Sundays I am delivering cakes.  Tastings are scheduled Monday through Thursday at 7pm at my home in Stephens City, VA or an agreed central location between home and DC .  There is street parking available.


Q:  What is your address?

A:  Since I work from my home, my address is given out only to confirmed cake consultations or cake clients who wish to pick-up their orders.  


Q:  Do you Deliver?

A:  We deliver anywhere for a reasonable fee.  We have delivered to Central West Virginia, Richmond VA, Baltimore, MD all the way to Queens, NY and Northeast Tennessee.


Q:  Can I pick-up my order?

A:  Yes, you may pick -up your order.  Cake pick-ups are given a one hour pick up window.  If you do not pick up within that hour- I may not be home when you get there-  I may be out on delivery.  Once you pick up your cake anything that may happen in transit is no longer my responsibility.  Some Birthday Venues in the DMV will not let you bring in an outside cake but they may be willing to take delivery directly from your cake vendor.  In these cases delivery is required.


Q: Do you offer tastings for non-wedding orders?

A:  No.  If you would like to taste a flavor of cake before placing your order you are welcome to order a tasting cake.  Tasting Cakes are 4-inch round or square cake that have: two layers of cake, one layer of filling and our house Vanilla bean buttercream in white or color of the day.  Tasting cakes are $10 each and are baked and assembled to order.  2 days notice is needed for these as well.